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Each year Pete has the privilege of nominating a select few of Northwest Indiana's best high school graduates for admission to the nation's service academies. The honor of attending a service academy comes with an obligation and commitment to serve in the military for a minimum of five years upon graduation. For more information, please review Pete's page of Frequently Asked Questions for those seeking a Military Academy Nomination.

The U.S. Service Academies include:


In order to be considered for admissions to one of the service academies listed above, an applicant must attain a nomination. One type of nomination includes a letter from a U.S. Representative or Senator. When applying for a nomination to a service academy, applicants are also required to apply directly to the academies they wish to attend. The academy admissions process is inititated by filling out an application on their website. You will find links to the academies below.

Necessary Items to Complete to Apply for a Nomination:

1) Complete Application Form. Be sure to complete your essay and rank the academies in order of your preference. You must rank ALL academies. This is required to maximize your opportunities for nomination. Furthermore, please include your email address.

Click here to access the 2019 Academy Nomination Application.

2) SAT/ACT Test Scores. Use the recipient code (SAT 1888 ACT 7397) when you register, and copies of your scores will be sent directly to Pete's office. It is advisable that you take the test as soon as possible for purposes of early reporting and optional re-examination.

3) Nomination Recommendation Submission. Three (3) recommendations must be submitted on your behalf. Your high school Math and English teachers must author one of the submissions. You may wish to ask your principal, counselor, a church leader, employer, or someone who knows you well (not a relative) to submit the remaining recommendation.

After application is completed, click here for the Recommendation Form.

4) Official High School Transcript (and college transcript, if applicable), reflecting most current course work and grades. Ask your high school to mail or fax an official transcript to the Merrillville office.

5) Complete Essay.  A typed essay of no more than 250 words detailing why you would like to attend a service accademy and become a professional officer in one of the services.  You may submit the essay online to

6) Contact each academy and make an application directly to each of the five academies. An early application will enhance your opportunity to garner an appointment.

Send Information to:

Congressman Pete Visclosky
7895 Broadway
Suite A
Merrillville, Indiana 46410
Attn: U.S. Academy Coordinator

Fax: (219) 795-1850

NOTE: Qualified applicants will be interviewed in November by Pete's Academy Selection Committee. The Committee will screen applicants for scholastic ability, leadership potential, adequacy of preparation, and sincerity to attend a service academy.

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