Congressman Pete Visclosky

Representing the 1st District of Indiana

Visclosky Testifies at ITC Hearing on Chinese Steel

Jan 31, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Pete Visclosky testified at the International Trade Commission (ITC) hearing on stainless steel sheet and strip from China.  Below is a copy of Congressman Visclosky’s remarks as prepared for delivery.

I would like to thank Chairman Schmidtlein, Vice Chairman Johanson, members of the Commission, and all of your staff, for your continued work to strongly enforce American trade laws.  I appreciate this opportunity to testify as part of today’s hearing regarding stainless steel sheet and strip from China.

In 2016, I believe we took meaningful steps to ensure that trade with our foreign competitors is fair and equitable, and I look forward to continuing that work this year.  In 2016, I testified before this Commission as you diligently deliberated in seven steel related cases, which involved a total of 18 countries.  Also in 2016, Congress approved the second of two laws enacted in the 114th Congress that strengthen our trade remedy statutes.  I am hopeful that these actions will provide meaningful long-term relief to American steel companies and steelworkers in my district in Northwest Indiana and throughout the nation. 

However, even today at the beginning of a new year, a new presidential administration, and a new Congress, we are dealing with the same violations of our trade laws from the same actors.  That is why it is imperative that we remain vigilant in 2017.  We should begin by carefully considering the case before us today.   

It is no secret that China has continually and blatantly violated our trade laws.  Last year, I testified before you in three different steel cases involving Chinese imports, one of which resulted in duties upwards of 250 percent. The product we are discussing today, stainless steel sheet and strip, is a critical product utilized by numerous industries in the United States.  This product is used by the automotive industry, the pipe and tube industry, and the chemical industry, as well as by construction professionals and appliance and industrial equipment manufacturers. 

The Department of Commerce has already indicated in its preliminary determinations just how egregious China’s actions are in this case by proposing dumping margins of up to 75 percent and subsidy rates of up to 193 percent.  Further, Commerce’s decision to impose retroactive duties based on critical circumstances shows us that these companies have a long history of disregarding our trade laws.  American steel companies and steelworkers producing stainless steel sheet and strip should not have to compete on an unfair playing field.  That is why I strongly urge an affirmative determination in this case.

I again thank you for your serious and thorough consideration of this case.  I deeply appreciate the opportunity to provide testimony today and look forward to working with the Commission in the year ahead.