Congressman Pete Visclosky

Representing the 1st District of Indiana

Visclosky Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order to Ban the Entry of Individuals from Certain Countries

Jan 31, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Pete Visclosky released the statement below on President Trump’s executive order to ban the entry of individuals from certain countries.

“I am appalled by President Trump’s executive order and believe it is fundamentally inconsistent with our country’s value of inclusivity.  It is wrong for the President to prioritize refugees based on their religious beliefs and deny the admittance of individuals from predominantly Muslim countries, including Syria, which is in the midst of an unimaginable humanitarian crisis.  I also find it offensive that the President implies that a rigorous security vetting process is not already in place for immigrants and refugees.  In fact, our current process is very stringent and it typically takes 18 to 24 months to screen and vet each refugee before he or she sets foot on American soil.  I would agree that we should always look for ways to improve this process for the security of our country, but any changes should apply to all entrants, not just a selected few.  Should any individual in the First Congressional District have concerns or need information about this or any other Trump Administration action and its potential impact on themselves or their family or loved ones, do not hesitate to contact my office anytime at 219-795-1844 or at”