Visclosky Statement on George Floyd and Protests

Jun 8, 2020
Press Release

Merrillville, IN - Today, Congressman Pete Visclosky released the statement below on Mr. George Floyd and the protests.

“Mr. Floyd’s life mattered.  I firmly believe that no human being should be subjected to such violence at the hands of law-enforcement officers – and no community should have to live in fear of those who are sworn to protect and serve the public.

“While the overwhelming number of police officers perform their responsibilities professionally, Mr. Floyd’s murder is only the latest example of the abuse of power caused by the systemic racism that continues unabated in American society.  So much more needs to be done to prevent any further abuse and to vigorously attack racism and other forms of discrimination in the United States.

“I stand with all the residents of Northwest Indiana who are engaging in peaceful protest in order to build a more just and tolerant society.  The rights of free speech and peaceful assembly are guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – and they must be absolutely protected.  

“We must continue to listen to one another and resolve to work together in order to remedy the injustices in our society.”