Congressman Pete Visclosky

Representing the 1st District of Indiana

Congressional Steel Caucus Applauds Presidential Action to Support American-made Steel

Jan 26, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Congressional Steel Caucus Chairman Tim Murphy (R-PA) and Vice-Chairman Peter J. Visclosky (D-IN) applaud the Trump Administration’s action to support American-made iron and steel products.   Following the recent Presidential Memorandum requiring the usage of American-made steel and iron products in our nation’s pipeline infrastructure, Chairman Tim Murphy and Vice-Chairman Peter J. Visclosky released the following statements:

Chairman Murphy stated, “For years we’ve worked for an American-first steel and energy agenda and it’s finally coming to fruition. This most recent action is a tremendous victory for domestic steel producers and pipe manufacturers. The Congressional Steel Caucus applauds any and all requirements that employ American-made steel and iron products, knowing that our domestic industries, and thousands of hardworking Americans, will get a much-needed boost.” 

Vice-Chairman Visclosky stated, “This is positive step forward for American steelworkers who should know without question that American taxpayer dollars are being used to buy American steel.  The Congressional Steel Caucus has been adamant in our support for strong Buy America requirements, including the regulatory definition of ‘produced in the United States.’  We look forward to continuing to work with the executive branch to ensure that pipelines and all of the iron and steel used in American infrastructure projects are made in manufacturing communities across America.”

For additional information about the Presidential Memorandum, click here.